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One of the key engines of our growth is our strong design and development team. Our software, electronic, electrical, mechanical and process engineers are adept at understanding complex customer requirements, and designing the optimum solution in the shortest time.

Our capabilities include:

  • Rapid prototyping

  • Environmental and electrical testing to simulate the operating conditions during design validation. This includes EMI / EMC testing, Shock, Vibration, Accelerated weathering and real-time exposure testing, temperature and humidity testing, Dust chamber, salt corrosion testing

  • Circuit board design.

  • The Veethree engineering group is equipped with the latest versions of industry standard design software and hardware. We understand the need for software compatibility. Engineering stations include Pro-E, AutoCAD, Protel Schematic and PCB, Auto Router, ICAP Circuit Simulation System, and Lab View for test development.

  • Graphic design software includes Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Coreldraw, and Micrographics Designer

Farm equipments

High temperature buzzer


We know that if we can reduce our customers’ inventories, we can reduce their total procurement costs. That reflects directly on your bottom line.

Continuous improvements in Veethree Instruments' Supply Chain Management Program move toward point-of-use delivery. Our goal is to deliver products to our customers' factory floors when they are needed in the manufacturing process.

Using industry standard manufacturing software, Veethree Instruments can accept your forecasting data.

Our product lead times are realistic and continue to decline.


Right angle drives


Is everyone’s job at Veethree. The goal is to reduce defects in all areas using a philosophy of continuous improvement. The focus is on defect prevention by use of APQP techniques during product launch including extensive use of FMEAs. Some other principles we use are creating awareness by high quality communication, going to the “gemba” , in-station inspection, use of poka-yoke techniques and a high level of visual control.

All gauges, fixtures, or tools used to qualify product are included in our plant-wide gauge calibration program. Gauges are calibrated both internally and externally using masters traceable to NABL and all information is on file and available upon request.

Gauge R&R studies are conducted to improve the measurement system capabilities. Corrective action reports are provided in the 8D format


Veethree engineering group


Our production facilities include our dust proof and temperature controlled assembly line; with ultrasonic welding, precision soldering, light duty welding, CNC coil winding, torque controlled screwdrivers and hydropenumatic presses.

Our factory-floor is segmented into production cells. Workers are cross-trained in all jobs within their respective cells The inhouse manufacturing facilities include shops for stampings, machines parts, high quality injection mouldings, painted parts, silk screen printed dials.

Our tool room builds and maintains assembly jigs and fixtures, and press tools; and also provides support to the inhouse machine building centre.

Our IT department provides support to the plant and overall business activities; by maintaining and customizing the softwares.




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Boost / Vacuum Gauges

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Heavy Duty Pressure Switches




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Alternator Driven Tachometers

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