DAME Award Nomination for Veethree & Victron Collaboration

2nd November 2017


Victron Energy B.V. and Veethree Ltd are pleased to announce DAME nomination at METSTRADE 2017. A partnership combining technology expertise to offer a new advancement in connected technology for Marine markets.

Launching at METS 2017 the collaboration gives customers access to a Marine ruggedised slimline colour display with harmonised software platforms, enabling remote access to onboard devices including power management, engine data, real time information & data logs, alerts and alarms.

How does it work?
CAN displays have been synonymous with ruggedised CANbus control and monitoring solutions for years. Victron Blue Power customers have been able to remotely monitor and control electronic equipment all over the world via Victron’s Remote Management (VRM) service. The flagship low profile display has a 30 to 40% smaller footprint to its rivals.

The joint initiative brings together a common software platform delivering custom monitoring and control solutions, giving remote access to any data monitored by the display such as Engine data, alarms and alerts as well as Victron equipment.

The CAN display connects to the VRM via Ethernet to an onboard gateway, sending data to the portal. Completely customisable the scheduled data transmit can include any parameter measured by the display.

Benefits of the new technology
The benefits of remote monitoring are both numerous and specific to the customer, however it’s key benefit is that with connected sensors and monitors, data can be sent in real time to company headquarters on land as well as the crew on board.

This can enable quicker fault diagnosis, reducing costs & downtime and improving support; better asset tracking; ability to interrogate data for efficiencies. Plus introduces the ability for remote updating of software or fixes in the field.