Take a Look at the new D7 in Demo Mode

15th May 2024

Take a look at this short video of our new display – the D7 in demo mode.

The D7 boasts superior CPU performance with an iMX8 processor from NXP.
High resolution 7-inch projective capacitive touchscreen delivers modern tablet-like
aesthetics. Six large illuminated tactile buttons (with color control) and rotary encoder
to ease with screen navigation.

Full versatility with analog inputs compatible with voltage, resistive and 4-20mA sender
interface. Digital inputs allow for high-speed pulse counters. Multiple digital outputs
capable of sourcing / sinking 500mA with allocation for PWM.

The iMX8 allows for high-speed CPU processing, screen transition and graphical
movement will be swift and subtle. Front end graphical interfaces are developed using
Qt, a Commercially Licensed cross-platform development environment and framework
for creating applications with outstanding user experiences.

Communication includes 2 x CAN (1 x isolated), RS485/RS422/RS232 and Ethernet.
Combined with on-board wireless connectivity via Bluetooth / Wi-Fi – keep informed
about your assets and see how your machine is performing at all times.

The WVGA (1280 x 768) PCAP fully bonded LCD provides outstanding viewability in
all conditions including direct sunlight. The ruggedized unit is sealed to meet IP66/67
standards – suited to the harshest of environments and applications.

For more information, please contact sales@veethree.com.