Guide to Digitizing an RV

21st September 2022

We are all aware of how digital switching can make utility vehicles and marine vessels more streamlined, more aesthetically pleasing, and easier to manage but had you considered the benefits of digitization in the Recreational Vehicle (RV) market?

Many motor homes can be as connected to the grid as a bricks and mortar house, with many being fitted with the same mains power (240V AC and 12V DC) as a traditional home. Gone are the days where everything runs off the vehicle battery or propane, and you risked not being able to start the vehicle if you had watched TV all night or read a book with the lights on.

So, what are the benefits of digitizing your RV, and how do you go about it?

Benefits of digital switching for RVs

  • Convenience – Onboard an RV there are a number of functions which could be controlled through a digital switching system. This means that, for example, if your lights are connected to the digital switch it would be possible to control them through an app on your phone, through the digital display or via a switch on the wall. This also means that it is possible to control functions (lights, heating etc.) within the RV from the cab or away from the vehicle. As well as managing power through the digital display itself it is also possible to do this from the digital switching system.
  • Automation – Through the digital switching display you are able to customize the settings meaning certain functions (like the lights) could be automated or programmed to work in a particular way or on timers.
  • Security – When away from the RV the digital systems enable the user to check on their vehicle, whether that is to ensure it’s an ambient temperature for animals left on board, or to check that everything is functioning as it should be as well as knowing the RV is where you left it.
  • Reduce weight – Communication from the digital switching system to the digital displays is carried via one small, CAN cable, rather than through complex wire runs, which can reduce the weight of the vehicle as well as making routing wires easy and reliable.

One of the main benefits, however, is to create a living environment which is akin to the one you expect at home.

You can set the lighting, the temperature, hot water, in fact everything required to ensure all recreational activities – from watching a movie, to taking a nap, to returning from a cold hike – are a perfect addition to the end user’s day.

What can be switched

There is a lot of equipment used in a modern RV which can be digitized and includes the freshwater pump, lighting, tank level indicators, cooker (stove) flame ignitors, toilet flush pump and extractor fans, just to name a few. So, you need to be aware of the devices and functions you have on board, and whether it would be beneficial to digitize them. Typical things which can be digitized onboard your RV include:

  • Managing on/off controls of DC lighting.
  • Dimming the lights using PWM.
  • Momentary button control of the type used for slide outs.
  • Managing DC power for:
    • Water pumps
    • Water heaters
    • Gray water dump
    • Awning control
    • Interior/exterior lighting
    • TV and audio power
    • Slide outs
  • Alerts on both the digital display and digital switching system if one of the devices connected has an issue.

All of these functions and more can be managed through one digital system making it easier as well as more streamlined with the addition of being able to manage everything from an app on your smart phone whether in the vehicle or not.

VeeConnect in your RV

If you are considering digitizing your RV, then Veethree are here to help you, with our VeeConnect, 12 channel DC Switching Module.

It enables you to integrate all the onboard electronics onto one digital display, allowing complete control at the touch of a screen.

With IP67 protection, the VeeConnect can withstand the harshest of environments meaning the average RV use will be no problem at all, ensuring your display has a long active life. There are a number of benefits to the VeeConnect system including:

  • The ability to manage both 12V and 24V DC systems.
  • Not using fuses but instead using resettable circuit breakers, as you would in a bricks and mortar house.
  • Having displays mounted in many locations all controlling the VeeConnect.
  • Configuring each display to either limit or allow, all or some of the switches depending on their location in the RV.
  • Customizing the displays so the wallpaper matches interior color schemes.
  • Providing custom welcome screens to offer the RV OEM the chance to highlight their brand.

To find out more about how the VeeConnect digital switching can help with the digitization of your recreational vehicles head over to the product page here.