Launch of New Sensors and Senders Catalog

7th December 2022

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new senders and sensors catalog – your one-stop-shop for details on our extensive range of senders, sensors and switches for monitoring pressure, temperature, fuel, and speed.

Suitable for multiple markets and applications, our range of sensor products will provide a robust and accurate means of measuring critical parameters for the reliable and efficient running of machinery while also reducing downtime and the need for maintenance.

Pressure and temperature resistive senders

Engine problems caused through low oil pressure or high engine temperature can result in costly damage. Damage caused this way, for a generator application – whether prime power or standby – can result in the loss of critical power. This can mean your equipment will be out of action which could ultimately cost your business.

However, this damage can be avoided through the accurate monitoring of pressure and temperature using a resistive sensor. This enables the user to spot any spikes or unusual activity which can prevent problems from occurring in the first place through preemptive action.

Veethree holds a large range of cost-effective senders which will give you peace of mind, with both European and US formats (resistance curve and thread sizes), as well as catering for various electrical connections and versions with a switch contact.

These are best suited for applications using mechanical engines such as gensets in the automotive, industrial, agricultural, and marine industries where long-term performance under demanding conditions is required.

Electronic pressure sensor with a 0-5V output

The electronic pressure sensor with a 0-5V output is available from our new catalog in various pressure ranges and would be an ideal solution for accurate monitoring of brake pressure for the vehicle market.

This electronic pressure sensor has a compact and rugged housing and plays a vital role in ensuring brake systems are performing at their absolute best. A drop in brake pressure can be a sign of wear or premature failure and should be investigated immediately. Careful  monitoring of the pressure can prevent breakdown but can also improve the safety of the driving experience.

Fuel sensors

Outlined in the new Veethree catalog we have multiple fuel sensor types including:

  • Resistive float arm – This is fully adjustable by the installer to suit the size of the fuel tank. These are the preferred senders for heavy duty truck, farm, and construction equipment applications, where long-term performance under challenging and extreme conditions is required.
  • Reed switch resistive sender – These are available in multiple lengths and with highly reliable solid-state electronics. As the only moving part is the float it minimizes failures and maximizes flexibility of installation even in tanks with baffles. They are compatible with a range of fuel types and fluids and are suitable for both 12V and 24V gauges.
  • Capacitive Self-calibrating (CSC) Sensor – This sensor uses capacitive sensing technology to measure fuel with high accuracy and resolution. It has a 0.5-5VDC output and it also auto compensates when a liquid with different dielectric contact value is used. CSC sensors are compatible with diesel, biodiesel, kerosene, and petrol.

GPS Receiver

Veethree also stocks GPS Receivers which are the most accurate solution for converting an existing electrical speedometer into a GPS speedometer. Everything about the GPS receiver is about efficiency and accuracy including:

  • Standard GPS with 1-second (1Hz) update rate that outputs NMEA 0183 information.
  • Fast update GPS with 1/10-second (10 Hz) update that outputs NMEA 0183 information.
  • Fast update GPS with a 1/10-second (10Hz) update that outputs 8- or 16-pulse signal to drive existing electrical speedos on the market.

Whatever industry you work in, and whatever your sensor and sender needs are, Veethree has the product for you.

To find out more about the sensors, senders, GPS receivers and switches in the Veethree range then head over to our product pages or download the catalog here for full product details.