The End of an Era is Drawing Near

2nd March 2023

The end of March 2023 will see the retirement of Steve Nelson, Engineering and Product Manager who has been with Veethree since 2009.

Prior to their acquisition by Veethree, he worked with Teleflex starting in engineering and was with them for 32 years. He moved from Engineering Manager to Product Manager before taking the role of Director of Product Management for the marine group.

He started at Veethree as the Product Manager and Marketing Manager, before turning his hand to the role of Engineering Manager when the current holder retired, to cover the recruitment period. He then went full circle and returned to the role of Product Manager.

When Steve joined Veethree in 2009, there was a small team, but there was also a global recession. Since then, the business has grown from being an instrument manufacturer to now supplying instruments, DC switching systems and LCD display products. Bill Allen, Plant Manager says of Steve’s role in growing the company:

“he had the vision for product development for this company! I have learned so much from Steve; that is why I would always ask him to go on a tour with me when we were taking customers through the plant. Everyone was always impressed with the amount of knowledge Steve had and how he always presented it!”

There have been many highpoints and challenges over the 14 years at Veethree, but Steve believes the high point was definitely the people he worked with.

“It has been an honor to work with the team at Veethree. Many of us came from Teleflex and have a very long tenure in this business. I may have the longest tenure at 46 years, but there are many not too far behind me.”

He has also found working in the marine industry to have been fun, and he feels many of the long-term customers can now be considered as friends. For Steve, the customer is central to all that Veethree do, and Vishal Lalani, the President of the Veethree group agrees:

“Steve has contributed so much at Veethree … he has played a huge part in bringing us to where we are today. There is so much he has contributed to, for example, in being the voice of the customer in every meeting.”

This friendly atmosphere with clients and staff helped Steve through the challenging aspects of working with the company which has always been resources, “too much work and not enough people.” The family atmosphere has enabled the team to rise to these challenges and get numerous programs completed and out the door.

During his time at Veethree Steve has learnt a number of new skills including finding, developing, and working on 3D rendering of models. Not only was this an unusual skill to develop it also meant he was able to get photographic looking renderings of products before they were tooled. This meant he could get customer feedback before there had been any outlay on tooling. Shekhar Tewatia, Vice President acknowledges these skills and the strengths he brought to the team:

“The dependence on a solid performer who is always available to help answer a question and to work with you on a business or engineering problem, comes after years of working together. There are other hard working team members at Veethree who do a fantastic job. Steve just somehow has a mix of a lot of knowledge to draw from. I can’t say there’s another all-rounder like him.”

Steve has been semi-retired since April 2022, working a few days a week. However, in March after 14 years at the company, and 46 years in the industry he will be looking forward to his retirement.

He has plans to keep up his nature photography and videography. He adds that “his biggest plan is to spend more time with my best friend and wife of 43 years!”

They got married on February 29, 1980 (a leap year) so they “would have less anniversaries and stay younger together, longer.”

All at Veethree wish Steve a wonderful retirement and Bill Allen, Plant Manager adds:

“Let me just say that I will miss being able to ‘bounce things’ off of him! If I question myself on something regarding the industry, customer, product, etc., I always go to get Steve’s opinion! He is a great gentleman; he has given his time and talents to this company that will be missed for years to come. I wish him, his wife CherylAnne, and his girls, a safe and fun retirement! He will be missed!”