Veethree Becomes an Integrated Partner with Garmin

9th November 2022

One of the problems many end users face when configuring their dashboard is space. At the helm this is always limited, and it can easily become cluttered with all the equipment required. Add to that the disparity in appearance between different manufacturers, the dash can become visually unappealing with different shapes, colors, brands, and styles.

This is why we are delighted to announce that Veethree is now an integrated partner with Garmin. This collaboration will ensure a better experience for all end users and will free up space on the dashboard making for a much more streamlined and convenient sailing experience.

This collaboration with Garmin enables compatibility between the VeeConnect 12-channel DC switching module with Garmin Chartplotters, the ActiveCaptain smart-device app, and their multi-functional display.

This is made possible through the H1 module which connects directly to Garmin via ethernet and is NMEA 2000 certified. This enables the VeeConnect data to be displayed directly on the Garmin multi-functional display meaning all the data required for a smooth, and safe sailing experience is available at your fingertips.

What is the H1 Module?

The Veethree H1 module can be a game changer but what exactly is it?

It is essentially a black box that will allow for integration into MFDs such as Garmin using an HTML interface, therefore, reducing the need for an independent display and maintaining a clear helm dash. It can also help to lower the system costs when switching displays are not required.

The VeeConnect H1 module offers OneHelm server functionality to fully interface onboard systems with compatible Garmin Chartplotters and the ActiveCaptain smart-device app bringing everything into one easy to read and easy to configure display.

It also has the capability to operate numerous modules from multiple locations. Additional features such as J1939 CAN gateway, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity and extra load inputs will be available soon.

What is VeeConnect?

The H1 module allows you to interface the VeeConnect, a 12-channel DC switching module, with Garmin’s multi-functional display as well as to their apps such as ActiveCaptain.

VeeConnect has a remote touch screen console for streamlined control which is easy to setup and configure without the need for specialist training. Digital switching can revolutionize your dashboard as it modernizes old switches to integrate onboard electronics at the touch of a screen, mirroring  full switch functionality onto approved MFDs like Garmin.

This enables the end user to access Chartplotters charts and maps through their smartphone, as well as on the multi-function display.

However, by running the Garmin ActiveCaptain through the VeeConnect system enables the end user to integrate the two giving them more control through their smartphone, streamlining the sailing experience and reducing the clutter on the vessel dashboard.

If you need any more help connecting Garmin ActiveCaptain to your VeeConnect you can read the blog here, or if you would like to know how VeeConnect can improve your sailing experience download a product datasheet, watch the video, or click the button below to visit the VeeConnect website.