Veethree Employee Spotlight – Neil Campbell

2nd December 2022

In this latest employee spotlight, we are introduced to Neil Campbell the General Manager of the UK operation of Veethree, responsible for the day-to-day operation of the UK site. As part of his role, he oversees the finance, sales, operations, quality, marketing, and engineering departments.

He started with the company in August 2015, when it was formerly Cantronik Ltd. During his seven years at Veethree there have been many high points, but the most rewarding part of the job is developing the team and watching individuals grow within the company.  Neil adds:

“Operationally, I enjoy the international presence within the companies and its customer base.  I also thrive on the challenge of running the business, playing a part in ensuring it’s a success and love that no two days are the same.”

Neil started his career in the financial sector which gave him great exposure to and experience with financial systems and supply chain. He then spent 10 years working as a partner in a start-up company, which focused on marine monitoring equipment, before moving over to Veethree.

While there have been many memorable moments, one that stands out in Neil’s career at Veethree was when it was sold to the current owners in 2017.

“The sale made us part of a bigger organization with greater global presence. We were still the same dedicated team but we had a far greater unified presence in the market, allowing enquiries to be directed to continental teams for follow up. This cemented further when we had our first annual general meeting in Florida with the wider group and kindled the new-found relationships. This brought additional resource, knowledge and reach within the industry. … I now have colleagues in many parts of the world whom I consider friends.”

It has been an interesting and challenging couple of years at Veethree as the world faces global economic difficulties. Neil Has enjoyed ensuring that Veethree remains focused on the future with comprehensive plans in place to mitigate the ever changing economic and political environment. Neil is looking forward to the next six months and the new and exciting challenges it will bring. In particular that Veethree have:

“just bought new offices and warehouse space allowing for greater expansion for the UK side of the business including expanding the design team, its capabilities and also growing stock holding capability to minimize supply chain issues.”

 When he’s not managing the UK Veethree team? Neil and his wife have a blended family with five gorgeous girls aged between 10 and 18 years old, a Rhodesian Ridgeback dog named Mallet, a cat, two rabbits and a hamster, so home life is busy to say the least. Neil reflects on what family life has taught him:

“our family is a busy one, it’s chaotic, loud, but full of laughter and love … it’s also where I learnt my best negotiation skills!”

As the winter months descend upon us, Neil is looking forward to improving his skiing and snowboarding skills.  Normally they go as a family to France, for reliable snow and the beautiful French Alps, but if the girls have other plans, then Neil and his wife will go further afield. So, who rules the slopes? “My wife is of course a much better skier than me … or so she would like to think!”