Veethree Technologies is 15!

19th October 2022

2022 is a special year for the Veethree Group as one of its group companies, Veethree Technologies celebrates 15 years of being in business.

Company History

Veethree Technologies was founded originally as CANtronik Ltd in 2007 by Dave Winwood, a Design Engineer with years of experience designing electronic instrumentation systems at Teleflex Group.

In 2009 Cantronik and Veethree Electronics entered into a partnership to develop embedded software for Veethree manufactured displays at Cantronik and for Cantronik to provide custom engineered solutions to its customers leveraging US manufactured Displays.

In 2017 Cantronik was acquired by the owners of Veethree to grow the engineering operations above and beyond the requirements of its erstwhile ownership.

In 2019 CANtronik adopted the trading name of Veethree Technologies and embraced new branding to form an alliance of companies to be known as the Veethree Group. The now Veethree Technologies and Veethree Electronics building on each other’s strengths.

Product Timeline

When the business started in 2007, digital displays were in their infancy and the monochrome display was considered to be a market leading product offering digital instrumentation in an otherwise analogue world.

Many of the advances in consumer products have filtered through into commercial applications, such as touch screens for example which led to the introduction of Veethree’s T5 5” touch screen display in 2018.

Further technological innovations in the wider world of electronics saw the development of round edge to edge LCDs, seen featured on the Nest thermostat. Veethree were one of the first companies to take advantage of the LCD innovation launching a fully round edge to edge touch screen LCD in the form of the R3 3” display in 2020. With the same form factor as traditional 3” analogue gauges enabling modernisation of dash instrumentation.

The advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) has meant that customers’ requirements have also progressed as they desire remote access to data that has historically only been accessible when in person from the onboard display. IoT connected devices now allow data to be transmitted from an onboard display to the cloud, enabling boat and equipment owners to perform preventive maintenance, to remotely monitor driving and equipment usage data, and to access locational information.

More recently digital switching has grown in its maturity being more reliable and affordable, meaning the technology is rapidly becoming a must have for boat owners and RV enthusiasts alike. By replacing old mechanical switches, digital switching can revolutionise the approach to onboard switching. Veethree launched its VeeConnect digital switching solution in 2021 to meet demand for an easy to install and configure switching solution.

The Future

Veethree Technologies are working closely with new and existing customers to make future technology available for today’s users. One of the things we are keeping our eye on is the technology of handheld and voice activated devices. We hope in time to be able to offer the convenience of accessing display data from the unit itself, as well as on smart phones and speakers.

Since the inception of CANtronik, 15 years ago, the world is a different place with technologies advancing in leaps and bounds. In order to remain at the forefront of the game not only have our products evolved but the design and manufacturing processes to take them from concept to smooth delivery have changed and continue to do so to match the fast-paced developing market.

However, despite the changes happening around us, our core values are the same and the customer experience remains at the very centre of our business.