Veethree Electronics & Marine LLC and CANtronik Ltd unite as Veethree Group

12th April 2019

We have combined forces with our partners across the pond, CANtronik Ltd, specialists in software development and manufacturing of digital displays, and will now be known as Veethree Group!

In making this transition toward the future, we are doing a bit of rebranding and will be known as Veethree Electronics and thus have launched our new website at www.v3electronicsusa.com with a brand new look.

CANtronik will be known as Veethree Technologies and will house the software team providing software for our range of gauges, displays, engine monitoring units, and digital switching modules.

In a press release announcing the merger, James Cope, Sales Marketing Manager for Veethree Technologies, said:

“We’re extremely excited by the opportunities this new merger will bring for everyone involved. This synergy will develop each brand under the Veethree Group name as we create new innovations and meet more customer needs across the globe.”

This combining of resources is nothing new as we have been working together for the past two years to bring new products such as our digital switching system, VeeConnect, to the market and service our customers throughout the world.

Here’s to a bright future for Veethree Group!