Veethree Electronics Wishes Phil Rothe a Happy Retirement

21st December 2020

The Veethree Electronics team gathered recently to celebrate Phil Rothe on his retirement. Phil has been in the industry for 30 years, and has been an essential member of the Veethree family as Sales Manager, focusing on the marine side of the business.

When asked about Phil, Plant Manager, Bill Allen had this to say; “I have known Phil Rothe since 1983 as we both worked together (different companies) in Cincinnati, Ohio.  What I find about Phil after all these years, he has never changed his philosophy or view about always doing what is right and ethical in taking care of the customers.  He has developed over the years, relationships; relationships with his customers, relationships with company employees, relationships within the community, and past relationships with people he has worked with over the years!  My respect for him and what he has meant to Veethree is hard to describe, other than to thank him so much for his service and we wish he and his wife Audrey the very best in his years of retirement!  We will certainly miss him!”

That is a sentiment that is echoed from everyone who works with Phil and we wish him the very best!