Using Garmin ActiveCaptain with VeeConnect

28th March 2022

There are so many great apps to make your sailing experience stress-free, streamlined and more enjoyable. One of these which is compatible with the VeeConnect’s 12-channel digital switching system is Garmin’s ActiveCaptain. This great app connects your smartphone with your Garmin MFD creating a more streamlined boating experience. As standard the app allows you to:

  • Access charts and maps from anywhere with an internet connection: at sea or at home.
  • Receive updates from your mobile to your chart plotter via the app.
  • Plan trips and mark waypoints on your smartphone which is then transferred to your chart plotter.
  • Receive smart notifications plus connection to the sailing community.

However, by using the Garmin ActiveCaptain in conjunction with your VeeConnect system it will enable you to integrate the two, bringing switching control to your fingertips through your smartphone.

Not only will you be able to access all the ActiveCaptain functionalities but also our 12-channel digital switching system through the same app so you can turn lights on and off, activate pumps or live tanks all from the phone in your pocket.

What could be more convenient?

Connect Garmin ActiveCaptain to VeeConnect

Starting with the basics, here are five steps to getting started with Garmin ActiveCaptain using your VeeConnect system via your Android smartphone or iPhone.

  • Install the Garmin ActiveCaptain app on your mobile device from your device’s app store.
  • Go to the phone settings and change the Wi-Fi to the ‘Garmin Display’.
  • Close settings, and open up the ActiveCaptain app.
  • Wait for the Wi-Fi to connect. The icon is in the upper left of the screen.
  • Launch VeeConnect and wait until the switches are initiated. The VeeConnect icon will be on the app home page.

Now you can operate the switches remotely as long as you are within the range of the Garmin Wi-Fi Network.

If you need any more help connecting Garmin ActiveCaptain watch our quick instruction video hereGarmin ActiveCaptain VeeConnect





To find more information on how the VeeConnect digital switching system can improve your boating visit www.veeconnect.info