GENSET Sensors

24th June 2022

So many things can go wrong with a diesel generator that can end up in expensive repairs or complete engine failure. However, with a reliable, robust set of sensors the engine can run at optimal capacity, prolonging the generator’s life and improving safety.

Generally speaking, GENSETS can be split into two groups, those with modern electronic engines and those with traditional mechanical engines. The former are more efficient, with lower emissions and feature MAF sensors, but these generators tend to be more expensive compared to traditional mechanical GENSETS. These still require additional sensors and aftermarket replacement parts which mean analog sensors remain in high demand.

Genset Sensors

The more information you have feeding through your diesel generator from various sensors, the better prepared you will be for preventative maintenance.

Here at Veethree our Genset sensor range covers the core parameters of a diesel generator. It includes:

  • Temperature – A sensor for measuring the temperature of various fluids such as water and oil. Allowing you to monitor when fluid is within typical operating ranges, and when it reaches outside of those.
  • Pressure – These are able to measure pressure of gas or liquids with the sender usually acting as a transducer to generate an electrical signal to the control/display.
  • Fuel – Inserted into the fuel tank these sensors typically are available with float arms, reed switches and capacitive sensors which cover all fuel types and auto compensate when a liquid with a different dielectric constant value is used.

At Veethree our pressure senders and temperature sensors are available in American and European resistance ranges, or they can be custom built to your specifications.

Benefits to your generator or engine

 There are various benefits of installing GENSET sensors to your diesel generator.  Ensuring that the basics of temperature and pressure are monitored ensures the engine is running within operating tolerances preventing engine failure, and fuel levels are monitored so that it doesn’t run out of fuel unexpectedly.  Where fitted, a fully functioning MAF sensor will ensure that the exhaust emissions and fuel consumption are kept at a minimum level, whilst providing the engine with optimal fuel injection, which is better for the engine and for the environment.

Our sensors are designed to be robust and reliable and as they have few moving parts there is very little to go wrong which means they have a long in-service life, making them cost effective.

Here at Veethree we have a number of sensors and senders to choose from which will improve the performance of your engine. To find out more head over to the product page.