NMEA2000 Cables & Connectors Catalogue

18th July 2022

We announce the launch of our new expanded NMEA 2000 cable range.

Following feedback from our customers and installers we discovered they had been struggling to get the connectors and cables they need at a reasonable price. This led us to make the decision to expand our entire range meaning we are a one-stop-shop for the NMEA Micro Standard. The majority of this new range is available for distribution instantly, with a few items available on demand.

NMEA 2000 enables compatible devices made by different manufacturers to communicate over the same network smoothly and efficiently, gathering information our NMEA 2000 cables & connectors range can connect a plethora of devices to your NMEA network.

When building a NMEA 2000 network there are some common components which are essential.

  • Backbone –  This is the main trunk of cable that runs through the boat forming the network. By using T-pieces, up to 50 devices can be connected to the backbone. This is known as an instrument drop. Each end of the backbone must be terminated with a 120 Ohm resistor.
  • Drop Cable –  This is the length of cable that connects an NMEA 2000 device to the backbone. The maximum length for a drop cable is 6 meters and they can be purchased in various standard or customized lengths.
  • T-Connectors –  One of these is required per device to connect to the backbone.
  • DeviceNet Standard – This refers to the cable size and comes in micro, mini, and mid. All allow for ‘plug and play’ connectivity with screw type connectors making installation on your vessel quick and easy.

Due to all the wiring connections adhering to the NMEA 2000 specification, installation and components are standard across NMEA 2000 installations. Therefore, devices such as our VeeConnect and T5/T7i displays are easily connected via a drop cable to the NMEA 2000 backbone via a NMEA 2000 certified T-piece.


At Veethree we use the micro standard, which is the smallest cabling used for NMEA 2000, and can be used to make up the backbone as well as for instrument drops. The micro range is easier to handle and install than the mini cables.

Our micro trunk cables are available in various lengths and can be used as a drop cable from a NMEA 2000 backbone or to extend the length of the backbone cable.

We have stocked standard 1m drop cables for some time, but now have expanded the range to cover lengths up to 10 meters. In addition to this, we are able to custom make longer lengths if required. Our range includes:

  • 9030/9031/9032/9035/9040 – Micro Trunk drop cable (0.5-10 meters)
  • 90o Drop Cable – Micro Trunk / Drop Cable 90 o (Male / Female) Length: 0.5m/1m

The micro trunk cables are rated to carry 4 amps and use 7.5mm diameter cable and 14.5mm diameter connectors.

We have also started stocking specialty cables such as the [9052] Tohatsu Outboard Engine to NMEA 2000 cable at 6 meters long.


In order to connect your devices to the backbone cable you need T-adaptors which have a terminator at each end. Our T-adaptors include:

  • 9027 – Micro Quad T-Adaptor
  • 9041 – Micro Power T-Dual Feed
  • 9026 – Micro Trunk to Micro Drop T-Adaptor
  • 9058 – Micro Dual Micro T-Adaptor

We also stock a full range of male/female terminators for the micro range, as well as male/female blanking plugs.

If you are in the process of installing an NMEA 2000 network or are adding more devices to an already installed network, then we will have the cables and connectors to do the job. To view our catalogue click here. Should you wish to discuss customised cables or connectors please contact the team.