Veethree Electronics Takes Gold

31st May 2023

Veethree Electronics are delighted to announce that they were presented gold in the 2023 Sterling Manufacturing Business Excellence (SMBE) Award. We couldn’t be more excited.

This is our third year of applying and we have seen gradual progress, winning Bronze in 2021 and finalists in 2022, and now the gold.

What is the SMBA?

The Sterling Manufacturing Business Excellence Award is run annually by the Florida Sterling Council, a not-for-profit partnership which is supported by the Office of the Governor as well as public and private businesses.

The award itself is designed to acknowledge, promote, and elevate high-performing manufacturing companies in the Florida area, as well as providing opportunities for development and improvement.

One hundred Florida-based manufacturing companies were nominated for this award, so here at Veethree we are proud to have won, along with two other local businesses.

The Chairman of the Sterling Council, Roland Martinez said:

“Each company has undergone a rigorous process assessing their ability to address strategic challenges and align company resources to achieve their mission for enduring success.

They represent the best of Florida manufacturing. On behalf of The Sterling Council and our state-wide partners, I congratulate each company for these awards.”

A Leap Forward

Obviously, here at Veethree we are really proud that the work we do has been recognized especially after the difficulties which had been exposed by the pandemic, the skills and labor shortage and delays and shortages in the supply chain. It has been a challenging few years but as Shekhar Tewatia, Vice President said: “Exceptional dedication, innovative approach, and commitment to excellence have truly set Veethree Electronics and Marine apart in the industry.”

Vishal Lalani, President of Veethree also acknowledges that it has been a tough journey getting here:

“The pandemic shook up the global supply chains for electronics manufacturing completely and hit manufacturing hard in so many other ways.

The team led by Bill Allen, has been through extremely challenging times, and has given far beyond their best. There has been only one goal, to support our customers in every possible way.

This award is extremely well-deserved recognition for their efforts, and I am sure it will motivate them to try even harder in our journey of continuous improvement. ”

Despite the challenges, the team at Veethree have worked hard and Bill Allen, Plant Manager adds:

“Through the support of the owners, both in capital investment and vision for this company, our people have performed to the challenges facing our global community today;  improving efficiencies, maintaining our quality standards, striving to meet customer commitments, and their unwavering support of the Veethree culture!

Our dedicated employees are what makes the difference, and this award is a true reflection of their hard work and support!”

Shekhar Tewatia  also adds that the unwavering focus Veethree and the team have on quality, efficiency  and customer satisfaction has undoubtedly made a significant impact in our journey to being recognized by the SMBA.

Veethree were one of three companies to take the gold, with the others being Palm Beach County Water Utilities and TRU Simulation and Training Inc. We would like to take the opportunity to congratulate them on their achievement too.

There will be an Annual Sterling Awards Banquet on June 2, at the Hyatt Regency, Orlando where all the winners will be able to collect their awards. As part of the award, Veethree will also be provided with a two-hour feedback session to identify our strengths and our opportunities for growth. We look forward to this as to be truly successful we know we have to keep growing and improving.

If you would like to find out more about Veethree and the opportunities available to join this growing business then head over to our career page.