Veethree Group Launches New Combined Group Website

2nd December 2020

To improve customer experience and further streamline the Group’s businesses UK based Veethree Technologies & US based Veethree Electronics have combined websites, to create a single group presence: www.veethree.com.

The new website acts as a hub for existing and potential customers to easily browse through the Group’s large product range of displays, sensors, and gauges.

In addition to showcasing our product ranges, the website has helpful resources such as support documents, installation documents and company news.

2019 saw the Veethree Group refresh brand identities of UK based CANtronik Ltd which rebranded to Veethree Technologies and US based Veethree Instruments which rebranded to Veethree Electronics, with each operating an individual website.

Since then the two companies have worked diligently from either side of the ‘pond’ to ensure a successful cohesion as Veethree Group and subsequently the Veethree Group serves customers over 6 continents and 35 countries, operating in the Marine, Industrial, Off Highway, Agricultural markets.

James Cope, Group Marketing Manager of Veethree said:

“Combining the previous Group site with Veethree Technologies and Veethree Electronics sites has been a challenge. I am very pleased to be showing the combined efforts of the global marketing team in bringing the sites together”.

James continued:

“With the pandemic meaning a temporary pause to our international tradeshow program we are moving our focus into our online presence and shall be launching some exciting new features soon.”