When it’s gone…M4

30th March 2023

When they’re gone, they’re gone

Here at Veethree we strive to keep our inventory of products fresh, innovative and a reflection of the evolving markets within which we work. This means that as well as introducing new products, we also have to retire legacy products when they are no longer viable.

The latest product to be discontinued is the M4/M4H which is also known as the CANvu260/261, Veecan 260, and the 2700/2710. This third-generation hardware has been a staple for decades globally, and whilst the name has changed over the years the compatibility has been maintained.

This product has only been available to OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and the displays have been a valuable addition to a wide range of applications. These include weather stations, coal faces, boat engine displays and monitoring performance on rock crushers.

M4 Compatibility

The M4 unit is the foundation of many customized Veethree displays and has a standard engine monitor application available with full DM1 and DM2 alarm management. It has multiple languages and configurable display formats and operates between -25ºC and +75ºC making it a truly versatile unit.

It is compatible with the 2700 from Kongsberg, and 7200 by Seastar.

M4H Compatibility

The M4H unit can operate at lower temperatures than the M4 being effective between -40ºC and +75ºC. It has a heated LCD module operating system which facilitates the lower temperatures. The user interface is easily configured to measure, display, store, process and transmit data using the Software Developers Kit (SDK) making it a favorite with OEMs.

The M4H is compatible with the 2710 from Kongsberg, and 7210 by Seastar.

Both units have a 4.3-inch monochrome LCD screen and an IP67 rating.

Moving Forward

Both the M4 and the M4H are possibly the most tested and widely used marine and industrial CANbus displays in use today and remain popular due to their versatility and durability.

Veethree always listens to customer feedback, and rather than replacing the M4/M4H we will be supporting customers where possible with migration to one of our other platforms, where software source code is available.

A popular migration route at this time is to our C3 3.5” colour display, provided in a full and lite version which supports CANbus and I/O. Thus giving an additional 8-10 years of life-cycle on the new platform.

We have very low stocks of the M4/M4H at present so if this is a product that you use in your manufacturing now is the time to stock up, as once they’re gone they’re gone for good. To check stock levels or to purchase please contact the team.