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Veethree ANZ

We (Veethree ANZ Ltd) represent the company in Australia, New Zealand & several other countries. We get our products direct from Veethree’s factories in India & the US.

We sell our products straight to the end users and are thus able to offer very reasonable prices. As we deal directly with Veethree manufacturing facilities we have R&D support from both factories. This allows us to provide prompt technical support to customers.

We stock a wide range of automotive, marine and industrial measuring instruments. We only list items which we physically have in stock and dispatch stock within 24 hours of receiving an order. We will continue to increase our range of products based on customer feedback. Our goal is to build our business on customer goodwill so we focus all our energy to ensure every customer gets 100% satisfaction with our products.

Please visit our website at www.veethree.co.nz or get in touch to discuss your needs. Either call or email us with your inquiry.