Marathon Training Update

26th March 2018

Nearly three months since starting training and with just 4 weeks to go we check in with Neil Campbell our General Manager on his London Marathon training.

So far he has completed 114 training miles, and still has lots to do before the event, having had 3 weeks off due to illness and injuries, training in the dark of the night, snow, winds and rain and in Chamonix!

Neil says “Huge huge thank you to all those that have sponsored us so far, we really appreciate it. So we have had a slight set back to our routine and lost a few weeks training with me contracting a nasty chest infection preventing me from running and works trip to the States. Vicki Mussert has had an equal set back and has been diagnosed with a possible stress fracture in her spine, pending consultation with a specialist. That said despite being jet lagged from getting in late last night, snow and ice under foot and rain beating down upon us, Vicki and I both made it out for a 10miler today. We’re both still determined as ever to complete this challenge and raise vital money for this cause close to our hearts. Although Vicki might have to speed walk it so no impact on spine. She is one stubborn lady so the small matter of a stress fracture won’t stop her!. So please if you can spare even a few pounds to encourage us across the finish line we really appreciate it. Thanks Neil & Vicki”.

The team at Veethree are all helping to keep Neil fueled with doughnuts, biscuits and cakes, and offer helpful advice and support (even though none of us have run a marathon!).  If you would like to join us supporting Neil’s fundraising in aid of Children with Cancer the fund raising page can be found at.

Good Luck Neil!