September 16 Newsletter

10th October 2016

September has been a busy month at Veethree, with the team working to launch a new version of our Engine Monitor software, as well as announcing our continuing growth and we welcome a new distributor.

Engine Monitoring & Data Logging Capabilities

Vessel and equipment operators often consider the engine system to be the most important item. When engines fail either the ship could be in distress or could cause the operator down time, both of which have the potential to be costly.

Knowing what the engine is doing, how it is performing, and early warning alarms triggering can all help to inform operators, reducing risk and potentially increasing up-time. If something does go wrong a log of events and alarm codes can be vital to help engineers troubleshoot problems.

Data logging can also play an important role in helping vessel operators comply with SOLAS legislation where there are requirements to demonstrate periodic testing and running of lifeboat engines. An on-board system generating data logs showing date/time, duration of engine run transmitted directly from the lifeboat to the bridge can remove the need for manual recording keeping which by its very nature is an area of risk.

Our range of CAN Engine Monitors include data logging capability, alarm functions, and are both Environmental & IP67 rated. The engine monitoring software is compatible with most J1939 engine types and combined with a GPS module and WiFi adapter can be deployed as a wireless enabled solution.

New Customisable Engine Monitor (CEM)

Now in its 3rd generation of software the CEM is the latest version of Engine Monitor which gives customisation capability to the OEM without requiring software engineering skills. Customisation is carried out amending files via a text editor such as notepad. To demonstrate just how easy it is to change please watch our short video.

This new version of the CEM also adds new features:

  • Support for Quad Engines (CAN 700 only)
  • Multi Display Support (master & slave)
  • Data logging

More information on the CEM can be found at

Customer Focus – Seaboard Marine

Seaboard Marine, based in the US, are considered as a centre of excellence for Cummins Marine Engines, and have been partnered with Veethree for a number of years. Distributing our Engine Monitors at the heart of their SMX Digital View & Seaview Displays.

Corey Schmidt, Project Manager at Seaboard Marine said ‘The SMX Digital instrumentation products are great kits which are easy to deploy, reliable, and our customers love the value-added features’. He added ‘our sector knowledge gained from working closely with our end users, in combination with our years of experience in the Marine sector, enables us to feedback feature needs to Veethree to help shape the Engine Monitor software for the benefit of all… we will be eagerly adopting the new CEM’.

More information on Seaboard Marine’s SMX instrumentation can be found at Digital View Display & J1939 Digital Display

Managing Directors Update

I am pleased to welcome Hindle Controls as our new distributor to the Industrial market in the UK. Veethree & Hindle Controls have worked closely for some years now and we are looking forward to working together.

Veethree has continued its steady growth this year, and with our 10th anniversary approaching we have moved Neil Campbell, Director of Operations into a more senior role of General Manager. Neil’s focus will be to manage the continued growth of the company and inject new energy to build solid growth.

Neil says, ‘I’m delighted to be appointed as GM for Veethree, we have an excellent team here, thus with some very exciting opportunities ahead of us I look forward to continuing to build on Veethree’s existing success for 2017 and beyond’.