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We have a strong background in agricultural markets, understanding that today more than ever technology is at the forefront of modern farming placing demands on OEM’s to continually innovate.

These include enhanced accuracy for planting systems, advanced GPS sensors to support guidance and steering, senders and switches all combine to give operators information at their finger tips to keep equipment running at its peak efficiency and remove down time. Our product range incorporates both digital and analog technologies providing solutions for modern and legacy equipment.


Bateman Engineering 

Bateman Engineering manufactures agricultural crop sprayers and required additional functionality from the C3 which is used in their R B range of sprayers.

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DSE Test Solutions

In this application the C3 was configured to accurately and consistently measure and display the moisture content present at the time of bailing and can cope with a diversity of crops.

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Specialist Instruments

The M4 is located at the very heart of the fully automated control system for irrigation pumps. Providing features such as the real time display of flow rates, engine speed and engine temperatures.

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