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harnTRONICS provides wiring harness assemblies, battery cables, and turn key solutions in the field of complete vehicle solutions to the automotive, off highway vehicle, and electronics industry; being flexible to customer’s requirements and improving their current performance.

One of harnTRONICS existing customers was looking at the options of upgrading one of their Engine Monitoring kits to a more user friendly and technologically advanced system. There were a few attempts to get the project off the ground with local software developers, but there was no one that could meet the requirements and deadlines. “We were forced to look elsewhere and fortunately sourced Veethree. Having a quick discussion with Veethree about our requirements, they were able to show tremendous dedication and professionalism to get the project started in record time.”

The C3 hardware was selected with its powerful flexibility and industry suited Deutsch environmentally sealed connectors. With customized software this met the customer’s specification exactly. The kit is assembled with all relevant parts to provide a off the shelf equipment monitoring solution to customers.

harnTRONICS commented that, “the team at Veethree really showed commitment and professionalism by assisting us to meet our customer’s deadline. The customer is very satisfied with the product and might be looking at doing more developments in the near future. The unit is one of the most flexible available to the South African Market having a lot of capabilities to upgrade as customer requirements change.”

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