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Marine CAN Display Solutions

When looking for marine instrumentation factors such as sunlight readability, IP rating, reliability and design ergonomics all key to OEM’s and operators. Even more so is ruggedised display hardware that is capable of performing in the harshest environments whilst providing accurate information.

Our range of CAN bus displays are well suited for use in marine environments, on super yachts, RIBs, wind farm vessels and pleasure craft to name a but a few. With custom software supporting NMEA 2000 standards and IoT telematics features CAN displays are the ideal HMI solution for control and monitoring functions.

With larger screen sizes up to 7″, modern usability standards can be incorporated into the HMI design making powerful and efficient operator interfaces. Add to that Telematics functionality and that same information can be relayed to maintenance and scheduling teams globally.

Software Standards Compliance

Our CAN displays are capable of reading J1939, NMEA 2000, & CANopen protocols,  in addition software applications can be developed for proprietary CAN and older Analogue or Mechanical application. Off the shelf engine monitoring software is available as a standard option, however as most customers require a bespoke application an SDK is available for software self-build, or our inhouse engineering team can develop to your specification.

Ruggedised Hardware

Being IP66 & 67 rated, operating in temperatures down to -40°C up to +70°C and fully daylight readable, the displays are suitable for installation both inside and outside.

The CAN display range has screen sizes from 2.3″ up to 7″, button & touch screen options, and support external CAN bus keypads, joysticks and rotary encoders.

Telematics Supported

With equipment in the field, getting real time information such as low fuel levels, or altering to signs of operator misuse can be critical. Depending on your requirements our displays can log to the millisecond all data or just the most critical/event/alarm based data, transmitting that log through an internet connection to a cloud based server. This data can be used in its raw format with a simple CSV download mechanism or integrate into a full web interface portal with email or text alert triggering.

CAN Display Features:

Feature Product: CAN 500

  • Monitors NMEA 2000, J1939 & CANopen CAN based messages & alarms
  • Ability to add proprietary messages & alarms
  • Day and night functions
  • Support for Analogue & Digital senders
  • Offers easy integration into most third-party CAN based systems
  • External CAN keypad or rotary encoders offered
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) allows full programming using ‘C/C++’ language
  • Hardware customisation available – volume dependent

CAN displays are used by OEM’s including Engine Manufacturers across the globe. For more technical information, or to discuss your project requirements please get in touch.

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