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Fugro Survey PTE – Automatic Vessel Tracking System (AVTS)

Fugro Offshore Surveys Division provides survey services to the offshore oil and gas industry with operating bases in Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore. The company collects processes and interprets data related to the earth’s surface and soil composition.

Fugro wanted to upgrade the existing M4 systems in over 300 of its vessels to get enhanced remote monitoring of the individual vessels position and additional two-way communication via an AIS infrastructure. Following consultation Veethree recommended using the C3 combined with a Configurable Input Module (CCIM).

Using the C3 and the CCIM with bespoke software developed by Veethree engineers to meet Furgo’s specific requirements, the systems are now operational and on board monitoring now include GPS data, full engine information including fuel flows. The consolidated data is now able to be transmitted at regular intervals from any remote location and for additional security is logged locally within the local CAN display and routinely offloaded via memory stick.

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