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Custom Software

Many CAN customers use completely custom application software developed specifically to their requirements. See our Clients and associated Case Studies for some typical applications.

Custom Software Development

Some of our customers develop software utilising our SDK, however our Engineering Team can custom build software to your specification.

Our team can consult to help specify what is required and use their expertise to propose the most cost effective solution. Veethree can then either provide the necessary ‘building blocks’ to create the desired solution or implement it fully on the customer’s behalf.

We have worked on numerous projects including CANOpen, J1939 and Tier 4 projects so can easily offer expert guidance and help in moving your development forward.

Preloaded Customer Software

Once software is built our CAN displays can be supplied with custom software preloaded to suit a customer’s individual requirements, which range from typical engine monitoring and control displays functions to specific combinations for a very particular installation.

The CAN software development Kit (SDK) is for customers who have systems engineers or programmers and wish to create their own software to drive the CAN.

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