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Instrument Clusters

Custom Instrument Clusters

Instrument clusters are a combination of instrumentation including Speedometers, Tachometers, Odometers, Fuel Gauges, Temp Gauges, various Tell Tales, Buzzers and Clocks etc.

If you are looking to develop a completely new custom instrument cluster for use in tough & harsh environments including clusters for Buses, Trucks, Tractors and Three-wheelers we can help.

Our development team can draw on a combined expertise of more than 100 years of manufacturing highly reliable instrumentation combining both traditional and modern display technologies.

To discuss your custom cluster requirements please get in touch.


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    Bespoke Cluster Examples

    The clusters featured are examples of clusters manufactured for OEM customers.

    The Veethree Guarantee

    All Veethree products are backed up by a dedicated and highly experienced team of software engineers, ready to draw up specifications for custom software, undertake the work, test the code and deliver fully functioning products.