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Capture, Store, Transmit and Display

Our range of proven rugged CAN displays have the ability to capture & store a multitude of information as well as having the ability to trigger events on data driven rules. With the addition of ‘connected’ technology, it’s possible to link directly with any CAN display at a remote location and transfer live data, trigger events, or download stored information. Further enhancements can even make it possible to determine the exact location of the display at any given time using GPS technology.

Typically customers requirements are bespoke such as data capture elements, capture interval and method of transmission. We work with customers own requirements providing guidance on the final solution and building proof of concepts to refine the model. Please get in touch to discuss your custom requirements using the contact box below.

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Fugro Survey PTE

Fugro Offshore Surveys Division provides survey services to the offshore oil and gas industry with operating bases in Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore.



harnTRONICS provides wiring harness assemblies, battery cables, and turn key solutions in the field of solutions to the automotive, off highway vehicle, and electronics industry; flexible to customer requirements and improving performance.


Kongsberg Maritime

Kongsberg Maritime delivers products and systems for dynamic positioning, navigation and automation to merchant vessels and offshore installations.

The Metasystems Division of Kongsberg Maritime was searching for a programmable display that could be used to show specific sensor data that measured shaft power and torque.


Specialist Instruments Ltd

The M4 display is integral in providing a pumping operating system that delivers peace of mind and enables valuable capital equipment to be run unattended.


DSE Test Solutions

In this application The C3 is configured to accurately measure and display the moisture content present when baling and cope with a diversity of crops.